January 2014 Newsletter

President’s Message: Hi Members,  The snow and cold has come and I hope it stays throughout the winter months. It would be nice to have a regular winter with some good snowmobiling. If nothing else the local businesses would appreciate it. Now that it is cold remember to protect yourself against Frostbite and Hypothermia. Both of these are serious, and precautions such as hats and gloves to protect the extremities and warm clothing are needed. If your snowmobiling, skiing, or hiking make sure someone knows where you plan to go and when to expect you back. They can contact the authorities if you are missing. I also recommend you carry with you some way to make a fire in case you need to spend time awaiting rescue. Remember winter here in the Northland can be dangerous. If you need to spend an extended time outdoors try your best to stay warm and dry. It will increase your chance of survival greatly.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Remember “Ride Safe


TRAIL REPORT: After 20 plus years we finally got the ideal base to start the season off right.  The trails are all groomed and in great shape, however the large amount of snow with some ice has caused a few problems.  Take extra precautions while riding as there will be some low hanging limbs and trees.  These will be alleviated as we work through the system, but it will take a considerable amount of time. If you have some time to help on the trails or see a problem, please call Jim at 715-635-8661.

AWSC “Celebrate Snowmobiliing in Wisconsin” VIP Ride: February 20/21, Thursday and Friday, are the dates for this very important event headquartered out of “Heartwood.”  The Club will need a lot of volunteers to help make this event a success.  We will man a booth, help park and organize sleds, vehicles, and trailers, and assist in transporting donated snowmobiles from Hayward to Heartwood.  Please keeps these dates free and call Jim Dienstl, 715-635-8661, to inform him of your availability.

2014 Winter Club Trip: I called the Osseo Inn last Friday, the change in reserving a room is… club members do not have to call and give them their credit card, call me, Gerrit and I will put you on the list that I have. On about Feb 6th 2014 I will call and make the reservation for rooms we need, room rates are the same 2-4 people@$67.47 incl. tax. The rooms will have two full size beds or 2 Queen beds, their is a 24hr cancellation fee, 20 rooms have been blocked  FEB 10 -13th 2014 Mon-Thurs. 11 rooms have been taken on club list. COME ON get on the list by calling Gerrit @ 715-635-4188.

Christmas Party & Food Pantry Collection: A big Thank you to Julie and staff for a great dinner. It was great to see everyone at the Christmas Party and congratulations to those lucky winners.

 Also, Thank You to all who donated to the Food Pantry!

A total of $259 will help families in need!

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