September 2012 Newsletter

Landowners Picnic

Again, thank you to the landowners for their generosity of opening their land for our trails. To meet and exchange ideas and have suggestions is priceless.

Also, thank you to The Prime and Pair O’ Lakes for all they do getting the food ready to make this picnic a success.

Members, please make sure that you patronize these merchants and let them know you appreciate their support of our club.

Membership Renewal Notices

Memberships are up for renewal each fall. Your mailing label shows the year your membership expires. Once a membership expires a letter will be sent to you advising of your status. A membership not renewed means missed magazines, life insurance & newsletters.

Groomer Training

Each year members of the club are asked to do a variety of duties for the good of the club, and to promote our sport. Again this fall there will be a short meeting set to train club members willing to volunteer their time to groom the trails. Only club members are allowed to ride in or work with club equipment. Because of the insurance liability. Watch for future training dates if you wish to volunteer as a groomer operator.

UTV / ATV News

UTV use is permitted on Washburn County ATV Trails. Washburn County has designated all official trails as open to UTV use. UTV’s are defined as follows: Net weight less than 2000 lbs, four or more low pressure tires, cargo box, steering wheel, tail light, brake light, two headlights, maximum width of 65 inches, non-straddled seat for at least two people, seat belts, roll bar.

Go carts, golf carts and mini pickups are NOT allowed as UTV’s.

The Last Word

As members of this club we need to support our map advertisers whenever possible. Let them know you appreciate their support of our club!

New maps with advertiser changes will be out this fall.


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