Newsletter 01/14/12

March Newsletter

Youth Snowmobile Club Advisor

An adviser is being sought for the formation of a Youth Club within the snowmobile club.  The Youth Adviser would assist in reinforcing the sport of snowmobiling, help the youth run their own meeting, and have a youth representative at the general meetings. It is not necessary that you have children, only that you are willing to reinforce safe snowmobiling and make sure youth are involved in this club. Contact Jim.


Joe Fitzgerald has stepped down as Trail Manager. Joe has been club AWSC Rep, taught Snowmobile & ATV Classes, maintained equipment and always came across calm and cool. Joan took many telephone calls at her home and Joe always jumped without hesitation.  Thank you for your years of service, now sit back and enjoy what this club has to offer.

Our sincere appreciation is sent to both of you.

Trail Update

With the trails closed the behind the scenes work continues. Volunteers will be needed this summer to help extend trail 140 from Beaver Brook to Harmon Lake Loop.   This extension has been in the works for several years and now has come together.  This trail will be a junction trail for snowmobile riders.  Several bridges are also being looked at for upgrading or replacing.  Several other trails are being looked at hopefully at removing the trail from the vicinity of roadways.


Our thoughts and prayers go to Dave and Dagny Johnson with the loss of Dave’s mother this past week.

Also our sympathy to Bob White with the loss of  his brother.

Please keep both families in our thoughts and prayers.

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